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We produce only Natural Wines, using only local grapes. We grow 13 different estate varietals, mostly the Italian ones, and we source other 8 from local growers with whom we built a trustful and strong relationship over the years.

We believe in each grape natural taste and evolution, which makes different wines year after year, all 100% that specific grape, all narrations of that specific coincidence of weather, terroir, winemaker, chance.

We don't add sulfites in our wines, or use anything which is not just grapes.

We don't filter the wines. 

We use very little oak, and only for the red wines.
We make very few blends and they are all field blends.


We define ourselves artisans more than makers.

We are proud to produce consistently 4 different white wines, 2 roses, more than 15 red wines.

We have a wide array of Dessert Wines.

We produce an all natural Red and White Sangria.

Our Estate grapes are:

  • Malvasia

  • Fiano

  • Aglianico

  • Nebbiolo

  • Sangiovese

  • Aleatico

  • Piedirosso

  • Nero d’Avola

  • Primitivo

  • Teroldego

  • Dolcetto

  • Sagrantino

  • Petite Sirah

We source locally:

  • Sauvignon Blanc

  • Chardonnay

  • Merlot

  • Syrah

  • Malbec

  • Zinfandel

  • Cabernet Franc

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

* Thanks to Wikipedia for helping with the grape descriptions

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